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Kitchen, Laundry, and Steam boiler plant as a complete package in different scales are being provided by growtech to the market. Set up of our engineering profession reaches beyond the supply to design, layout, performance commitment, smooth work flow and operation of your facility. Design, layout, supply, install, test, commission of kitchen equipment as well as laundry and steam boiler complete system supported by our agency & distribution agreements with top of the line manufacturer of well known and trusted brands at very economical price structure. Our latest technology manufacturing plant of walk-in cold room sandwich panel PANELTECH and CNC stainless steel custom fabrication facility of FABTECH In addition to, the tested, trusted art of after sales service, third party preventive maintenance contracts and technical services of SERVOTECH provide you a frame of your needs. Growtech introduced and practically succeeded in becoming the pioneer with remarkable records of recommendation from the local market through its records of completed projects with high level of customer satisfaction achievements.
PANELTECH; the first and the only manufacturing plant of walk-in cold room sandwich panel in Qatar using the latest technology of this industry adding unique value to our capability. Walk-in cold storage panels produced in compliance of international standards with high quality PU insulation to the density and strength concept achievement. The cladding material could be of client choice of Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Pre-painted G.I. and food service grade PVC coated steel Our computerized production lines can handle panel sizes up to 1300mm Width and 12300 mm Length which is a unique dimension of a single panel in this industry. In addition, the variety of thickness from 100mm, 150mm & 200mm, that will confirm to strength requirement and practice of heavy duty use. We care of the assembly and finishing as essential requirement of International Hygiene rules and regulation.
FABTECH is a fabrication facility using computerized technology and CNC production lines producing the edge quality, no time delivery and most competitive prices of stainless steel custom fabrication. All our products are being fabricated from stainless steel food grade 304, and can be made of stainless steel medical grade 316 on request of client. Accordingly, it complies with international standard of hygiene requirement of food service industry Our computerized production lines can handle all process of fabrication of the stainless steel sheets from the thickness of 0.5mm to 3.2mm that will confirm to strength requirement and practice of heavy duty use. We care of the assembly and finishing as essential requirement of International safety rules and regulation in addition to the piece of art look of the item. In conclusion, we offer you the Hygiene, Safety, Strength and art work in simple word of FABTECH.
SERVOTECH creation trade & service philosophy made that the review considers among the best products and services in similar market sector. A specialized in engineering services and supplies, providing and supporting the demand of supply and services in the market for years. The incessant market demand has allowed SERVOTECH to achieve a prominent position in contemporary services sector with these features meet desires of modern and professional customers. A particular opening to the market with the attention paid to modern and professional needs allowed to create SERVOTECH wide range of services. The mixed and customized service emphasizes the value of flexibility, producing a higher quality services, from a technical and customer satisfaction point of view. The services suits to different client requirement and future expansion plans. We offer a wide range of solutions joining an aesthetical scope with an efficient professional engineering answer to the market requests concerning superior designs, heavy duty equipment KITCHEN, LAUNDRY & STEAM BOILER PLANT supply, installation, testing, commissioning, training and Excellency in after sale service. As a matter of fact, we do serve most of the prestigious hotels, restaurants, catering companies, retail shops and much more…
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Trading, manufacturing and technical service which are in connection to residential resorts, hotels, hospitals, towers and commercial market of new construction, renovation works and retail business.
We provide expertise and quality to the market, meeting the demand and quality needs of engineers, owners, and construction professionals. Our products and services are for all phases and types of commercial construction and renovation works needs.
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